Daniel’s birthday party in the grand town of Boston


Early August, 2014


Daniel was born.

I know, I was surprised too.  I always thought that he just sort of appeared one day, descending down from the heavens on a sport rope, wiping the chalk off his hands and asking who was ready to give him another belay.

But, he is in fact born of humankind, and thus celebrates a birthday like the rest of us.  So…. we threw a party.

To prep for it, I walked over to Liz’s place.  Then, Liz and I walked to Porter, to pick out a cake topper.  See… Daniel likes trains [Ed Note: See the post about the TGV in France], and I like making fun of Daniel.  So, I was aiming to throw him a train-themed party.  And what theme party is complete without a cute little cake topper?  None, that’s what party.  And I wasn’t going to throw an incomplete party, no sir!

The first store didn’t have any trains.  The second story didn’t have any trains.  Thankfully, the children’s bookstore did, in fact, have trains.  And the second store had a train-shaped balloon… so the combination of the two was deemed sufficient to create a train-themed atmosphere.

A few miles longer found us picking out a cake.  Another mile after that, the Mass Ave Tavern.

The Mass Ave Tavern is a good party place.  There are many reasons for this, but chief (in my mind) among them is that it has tons of cool games.  Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots found me winning a streak against Chirag (we later found out that one robot always wins…), and building blocks found Daniel constructing a set of train tracks for his new toy train.  Enjoyment was had by all, especially when it came time to attempt to navigate the train tracks with the little toy… turns out, children’s blocks don’t make the best of rail systems… but given enough time (which we were), people can make anything happen… and after a solid 20 minutes of tweaking and carefully laying out the starting block, we were able to make the trip… or at least, make the train make the trip.

Summer of 2014 – more Kayaking adventure!


Mid summer, 2014


Now where did these take place?  That… I’m not 100% sure.  I know that some of them were The Charles, there’s one of Quincy Quarries, and we’ve got a bit of Spot Pond… I think the ones with the snail and “Middle Lake” are from when I had a dentists appointment, when I went Kayaking afterward.  Not completely sure where that one was though.


It was a fun Summer, no?


My Birthday, 2014 – A kayaking, eating, and firepit adventure!


July 12th, ish


It’s my Birthday!  Mike’s out from California!  That means we should go Kayaking, clearly.

So for the day, we hit the Charles river, taking a nice and long ride down from Allston through to Kenmore – stopping near Harvard Square for lunch, of course.  It was a good day, and a nice relaxing paddle… though I will admit that we did more than our fair share of racing, splashing, and getting yelled at by Crew Moms who thought we were in the way of their kids crew teams.

From there, Mike and I headed back to my place to shower and chill for a bit before dinner – which happened to be Mexican, per a vote of the… MULTIPLE BIRTHDAY PEOPLE!  Yep, turns out that I share a birthday with two of Liz’s friends.

Dinner was tasty.  What more do you want from me?

Then, fire pit at my house, drinks, and general merriment.